Make with frutcha


Our matcha is produced by grinding tea leaves that are brimming with UMAMI (full-bodied flavour) into a fine powder using a stone mill.

Japan proudly presents matcha, its iconic ceremonial tea made from the whole leaf.
  Like a classic cappuccino, the foam will melt in your mouth as you enjoy the rich taste.

Matcha is the perfect drink to accompany a healthy diet.


Color : beautiful glossy dark green / forest green / malachite green

Odour: earthy, a rich scent of dark green leaves basking in sunlight

Taste : the foam will melt on your mouth


Pour kifukucha
Pour kifukucha

Kifukucha is very special tea.

Color : pale and light transparent yellow-green

Odour: warming aroma of leaf and stem that not expands to fill your senses

Taste : thick and rich, with a velvety sweetness compared to the original tea which makes the bitterness very mild


Hojicha is roasted sencha.  The roasting gives the tea a smoky flavor.

No pesticides are used to cultivate this hojicha. As it is easy to melt, you can use it to make a rich latte with milk or soybean milk and in cooking and making sweets.

Hojicha latte